Reminder: payment deadline

A friendly reminder for all you lucky people who are already registered for the 56th ETDS in Utrecht: the payment deadline for the early-bird-fee is on the 30th of June.
This means that the payment (by your teamcaptain!) has to be received by us at the 30th of June. So make your team captain (and yourself) happy and transfer the fee to your team captain right now!

Oh no, I forgot to transfer the money (in time)? What to do?
Such a shame! But no worries, you can still participate in the ETDS! :)

After the deadline of the 30th of June has passed you will be rated the non-early-bird fee, BUT you have another two weeks to transfer this fee (i.e. before the 14th of July)! You wouldn’t want to miss the ETDS now do you?

Oh no, I forgot to transfer the money, again! What happens now?
Even though ETDS High School is the most awesome school in the world, you can’t keep being late for class. If you miss the second deadline you will be unregistered from the ETDS :(
So don’t take any chances and be on time!