Summer update: Submit your music

We’re halfway through summer which means the ETDS is drawing ever  closer! We are working hard on finishing the details of our location. Very soon we should be able to say exactly who is lucky enough to get one of the last tickets for the ETDS!

In the meanwhile, spirits are high and lifted after some days with good weather, a great after-ETDS party, and for many some nice holidays. To keep this mood and remain excited for the upcoming ETDS, we have some cool things up our sleeves which will make your ETDS truly yours. To start off with…

We want this ETDS to be about reliving your high school memories. What better medium to do that through other than music! So tell us that one song which immediately makes the flux capacitor in your mind throw you back to that cool party, those nice lunch breaks, or that first kiss. Relive the moment and send us that one song you want to hear and dance to again. Can’t think of any? Do you know a song that just screams high school? Great! Send us those too and make sure to note that it can be used as a theme song. Maybe you’ll be dancing your final on your song :-)

One of our most well known and respected members of the ETDS community is already eagerly participating! If you haven’t been following him yet, be sue to check it out! Thanks Oscar, for the great initiative!

So let’s create some memories! Click here to submit your song.