More volunteers needed

In case you missed, we were able to add many more people to our ETDS. We are very happy to be able to host more people, because the more the merrier! Another added benefit of the new people being added is that we have a bigger poule of possible volunteers. Currently we have about 650 hours of volunteering covered. Ideally we need about 1300-1500, so double. Positively, this means we already have half of the hours filled! Negatively, this means we only have about half of the hours filled. As with every ETDS we ask you kindly to consider taking a shift to make this ETDS as great as it can be. We have full confidence in you ^_^. However, if we do not manage to fill all positions, we may have to resort to solutions such as closing the sleeping hall during the day. (Which means no sleeping in, or grabbing stuff which you forgot) And don’t forget: more volunteering means more points for the Tanzmaus! Just to note (night shifts are worth double and there are many stand-by shifts which don’t necessarily require you to do anything so they earn you easy points)