Homework: Team Presentation

To give you the full high school experience there is one thing that must be included: HOMEWORK! Yes, we’re assigning you homework! We’re not just bringing the good parts of high school back. Your team captains have known about this since the start, so as good teachers, we’re giving you all a reminder. Your task as a team is to deliver the best cheerleading yell during the team presentation. So not just your default yell, but one that is truly in the spirit of high school. How you do that is up to you. Being creative will get you the most points!


Every team has 60 seconds. Guideline:

0-15 Walk on the floor
15-45 Yell
45-60 Walk to side of floor

We will be timing you. Going over your 60s will net you a penalty!

In case you’re planning on combining teams for the Mouse, let us know in advance (max Friday 14-10 23:59) and you can also combine your yell!