Travel Information

The venue

Our High School is located in University Sports Centre Olympos, at the edge of our beautiful university campus “De Uithof”. Both the tournament hall and the sleeping halls are in the same building, conveniently located close to the highway. A bus stop is also within a few metres from the venue.
Unfortunately there is a lot of construction work going on at the moment, so De Uithof can be a bit confusing. To prevent you from getting lost, we made a little map with the most important places. You can find the map on our website.
We will also place signs directing you from the highway exit to the venue and the parking lots, and from the bus stop to the venue.


There is only minimal space right in front of Olympos, so please use that only to unload your luggage, check-in, and then move to a different location.
The easiest place to park for the rest of the weekend is in the big P+R parking garage next to Olympos (the big blue square on the map). The P+R costs €4,50 per day. The garage is a huge square building with a lot of light strips on the outside. It is super close to Olympos and very hard to miss.
There are several other parking lots at De Uithof, they are indicated by the smaller blue squares on the map. Parking on those parking lots is free during the weekend and paid on weekdays from 07:00 – 18:00. You need coins to pay, so make sure you have enough.
The white & green signs wit a big P will direct you to those free parking spots, or enter “Yalelaan” in your GPS. It will take about 10 minutes to walk back to the ETDS venue, following the green dotted line on the map.

How to get there

For detailed directions to get to the ETDS by car, train or plane, have a look at the Location & Directions page. On this page you can also find other useful information about the venue.