ETDS High School: let’s keep those memories!

At the end of High School, you usually get a yearbook to remember all your classmates and all the fun you had together. Sadly we don’t have something like that at ETDS High School. But we do have some great photographers who were peeking around every corner to make sure every awesome moment was caught on camera. While most of us were catching up on some sleep after yet another great ETDS, those photographers have been very busy sorting, editing and uploading all of those newly created memories.

We would love to create a list of links to all the different ETDS-albums, to make them easy to find (and to give you some distraction while you wait for the results to be posted online 😉 ). We will start by sharing the beautiful pictures that were made by our photographers Yoeri Vissee and Michael Brunek on saturday evening. Below that we will make a list of links to other albums and photographers, we will try to make it as complete as possible over the next few days. Do you know about some great photos that should be on the list? Let us know!

So let’s get this (after)party started with the photos of Saturday and Sunday evening by Yoeri and Michael:
High quality

Saturday: Facebook – High quality
Sunday: FacebookHigh quality
Peter is a great supporter of the Dutch charity Foundation KiKa that brings in fundings solely for research to childhood cancers. You can buy his pictures in high quality, and all profit will be donated to KiKa.

Team Groningen:

Saturday: facebook
Sunday: facebook
Everything beyond the tournaments: facebook

Saturday & Sunday: fastslow (archive)