Results available!

After a long wait, we’ve finally been able to get access to the results and properly put them online! They can be found on our site -> Results or through the link below. Apologies for the long delay. Now you can finally check if indeed you got all crosses for the next round, or whether you only just missed that spot in the final. Once again, thank you all for coming to the ETDS and we’re looking forward to seeing you all back in Aachen 2017!

Quick, quick…

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ETDS High School: let’s keep those memories!

At the end of High School, you usually get a yearbook to remember all your classmates and all the fun you had together. Sadly we don’t have something like that at ETDS High School. But we do have some great photographers who were peeking around every corner to make sure every awesome moment was caught on camera. While most of us were catching up on some sleep after yet another great ETDS, those photographers have been very busy sorting, editing and uploading all of those newly created memories.

We would love to create a list of links to all the different ETDS-albums, to make them easy to find (and to give you some distraction while you wait for the results to be posted online 😉 ). We will start by sharing the beautiful pictures that were made by our photographers Yoeri Vissee and Michael Brunek on saturday evening. Below that we will make a list of links to other albums and photographers, we will try to make it as complete as possible over the next few days. Do you know about some great photos that should be on the list? Let us know!

So let’s get this (after)party started with the photos of Saturday and Sunday evening by Yoeri and Michael:
High quality

Saturday: Facebook – High quality
Sunday: FacebookHigh quality
Peter is a great supporter of the Dutch charity Foundation KiKa that brings in fundings solely for research to childhood cancers. You can buy his pictures in high quality, and all profit will be donated to KiKa.

Team Groningen:

Saturday: facebook
Sunday: facebook
Everything beyond the tournaments: facebook

Saturday & Sunday: fastslow (archive)

Travel Information

The venue

Our High School is located in University Sports Centre Olympos, at the edge of our beautiful university campus “De Uithof”. Both the tournament hall and the sleeping halls are in the same building, conveniently located close to the highway. A bus stop is also within a few metres from the venue.
Unfortunately there is a lot of construction work going on at the moment, so De Uithof can be a bit confusing. To prevent you from getting lost, we made a little map with the most important places. You can find the map on our website.
We will also place signs directing you from the highway exit to the venue and the parking lots, and from the bus stop to the venue.


There is only minimal space right in front of Olympos, so please use that only to unload your luggage, check-in, and then move to a different location.
The easiest place to park for the rest of the weekend is in the big P+R parking garage next to Olympos (the big blue square on the map). The P+R costs €4,50 per day. The garage is a huge square building with a lot of light strips on the outside. It is super close to Olympos and very hard to miss.
There are several other parking lots at De Uithof, they are indicated by the smaller blue squares on the map. Parking on those parking lots is free during the weekend and paid on weekdays from 07:00 – 18:00. You need coins to pay, so make sure you have enough.
The white & green signs wit a big P will direct you to those free parking spots, or enter “Yalelaan” in your GPS. It will take about 10 minutes to walk back to the ETDS venue, following the green dotted line on the map.

How to get there

For detailed directions to get to the ETDS by car, train or plane, have a look at the Location & Directions page. On this page you can also find other useful information about the venue.

Homework: Team Presentation

To give you the full high school experience there is one thing that must be included: HOMEWORK! Yes, we’re assigning you homework! We’re not just bringing the good parts of high school back. Your team captains have known about this since the start, so as good teachers, we’re giving you all a reminder. Your task as a team is to deliver the best cheerleading yell during the team presentation. So not just your default yell, but one that is truly in the spirit of high school. How you do that is up to you. Being creative will get you the most points!


Every team has 60 seconds. Guideline:

0-15 Walk on the floor
15-45 Yell
45-60 Walk to side of floor

We will be timing you. Going over your 60s will net you a penalty!

In case you’re planning on combining teams for the Mouse, let us know in advance (max Friday 14-10 23:59) and you can also combine your yell!

ETDS Program & Prom invitation

With the ETDS drawing ever closer, we would like to inform you of the expected program of the weekend. The program can be found on our site:

More importantly:

Ladies, get ready to be wooed! Be assertive and snatch that cute guy or girl with the most memorable invitation. Why? This year’s gala night won’t just be any regular gala night, but it will be a true high school prom night! So fetch!


More volunteers needed

In case you missed, we were able to add many more people to our ETDS. We are very happy to be able to host more people, because the more the merrier! Another added benefit of the new people being added is that we have a bigger poule of possible volunteers. Currently we have about 650 hours of volunteering covered. Ideally we need about 1300-1500, so double. Positively, this means we already have half of the hours filled! Negatively, this means we only have about half of the hours filled. As with every ETDS we ask you kindly to consider taking a shift to make this ETDS as great as it can be. We have full confidence in you ^_^. However, if we do not manage to fill all positions, we may have to resort to solutions such as closing the sleeping hall during the day. (Which means no sleeping in, or grabbing stuff which you forgot) And don’t forget: more volunteering means more points for the Tanzmaus! Just to note (night shifts are worth double and there are many stand-by shifts which don’t necessarily require you to do anything so they earn you easy points)


New registrations!

Good news! We have accepted the last group of people from the waiting list! This brings the total number of participants to 600! Teamcaptains will have received an e-mail when someone from their team is accepted. So contact your teamcaptain to find out if you are one of the lucky ones! If any people unsubscribe in the future, they will be replaced by the highest person on the waiting list in that class. Sadly we still cannot accept everyone from the waiting list, since this list is over 300 entries long. However, we are honored to have such interest and enthusiasm and look forward to seeing all of you at this or the next ETDS.

Summer update: Submit your music

We’re halfway through summer which means the ETDS is drawing ever  closer! We are working hard on finishing the details of our location. Very soon we should be able to say exactly who is lucky enough to get one of the last tickets for the ETDS!

In the meanwhile, spirits are high and lifted after some days with good weather, a great after-ETDS party, and for many some nice holidays. To keep this mood and remain excited for the upcoming ETDS, we have some cool things up our sleeves which will make your ETDS truly yours. To start off with…

We want this ETDS to be about reliving your high school memories. What better medium to do that through other than music! So tell us that one song which immediately makes the flux capacitor in your mind throw you back to that cool party, those nice lunch breaks, or that first kiss. Relive the moment and send us that one song you want to hear and dance to again. Can’t think of any? Do you know a song that just screams high school? Great! Send us those too and make sure to note that it can be used as a theme song. Maybe you’ll be dancing your final on your song :-)

One of our most well known and respected members of the ETDS community is already eagerly participating! If you haven’t been following him yet, be sue to check it out! Thanks Oscar, for the great initiative!

So let’s create some memories! Click here to submit your song.


ETDS High School is closed, temporarily! Summer, finally! Many of our pupils are enjoying their holidays already somewhere around the world. And so will we: Yes, the board will be on holidays!

The board has not dissapeared to some deserted island and secretly still reads its email. However, due to -ahum- connection limitations, it might take some more time for the board to respond to your messages.

We love to see you all (again), after the summer and we hope to welcome some wonderful bright new students then!