The main factor of the ETDS’s accessibility. This applies not only figuratively for the experience of a dancer, but also literally: everyone should be able to come to this tournament
come, without having to overcome too high thresholds. Therefore, we have looked how accessible our location is and, whether and how we can improve accessibility.
Below we describe our current efforts and the improvements we still want to make to make it possible for everyone to attend the ETDS.

Parking: Olympos has disabled parking spaces and an easily accessible path to the Entrance.

Entrance and doors: In addition to the swing door there is a separate door through which wheelchairs can enter. The sports bar has access through a wide door that is suitable for wheelchairs. The only downside is that the doors are all equipped with a door closer and are therefore quite heavy. A
wheelchair user probably cannot open these doors themselves. Most doors will be open during the tournament. Unfortunatel, with regard to fire safety, we cannot open all doors permanently. It is wise for wheelchair users to bring a companion which can open the doors. Should it not be possible to bring a companion, then we can arrange a guide.

Hall: The tournament takes place entirely on the ground floor, the rooms are accessible without
any doorsteps. In the hall planning all walking space if wide enough for a wheelchair to pass.
There are some public galleries and there is some seating directly next to the floor along with tables.

Cafeteria: The sports bar is accessible to wheelchairs. There is plenty of seating where wheelchairs
can join. The bar is quite high, but both at the cash register and food distribution point there is a low part where wheelchair users can reach up to.

Toilets and changing room: Near the ballroom is a disabled toilet and a dressing room which is suitable for wheelchair users.

Website: On our website we set up a page (this page) where we describe the possibilities for wheelchair users. The site is also adapted for people with visual restrictions.

Additional measures: All participants must pre-register for the tournament. During the registration process everyone is requested to indicate any required extra facilities. There requests are taken into account and if necessary, we will discuss the request and try to arrange a suitable solution for that person.