Payment is done through your teamcaptains. Please make sure to pay your teamcaptain timely. It is your responsibility to transfer in time.

In case of the early-bird fee, we hold a teamcaptain deadline of the payment being done before the 30th of June. After this deadline has expired, the non-early-bird fee will be applied. You have another two weeks to pay this fee. If payment has not been received by the 14th of July (2 weeks after the early-bird fee deadline), you will be unregistered.

In case you were on the waiting list and are now registered, payment will have to be done within two weeks. If you cannot meet this deadline you have another week to pay, but you will have to pay the normal fee. In case you have not paid the fee in time, you will be unregistered after 1 week.


For participation during the ETDS-weekend we offer 4 rates:

Students/PhD-students Non-students
Early bird (deadline: June 30th 2016) € 59 € 72
Normal € 67 € 79

We offer these all-in rates, which include (but not limited to):

  • 3x breakfast
  • 2x lunch
  • 1x dinner (Sunday)
  • a sleeping spot

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions if you think these rates do not (fully) apply to you.


We could not imagine you would like to unsubscribe from the ETDS, but just in case…

If you would like to unsubscribe from the ETDS we offer the following refunds:

Refund percentage
Till June 30th (deadline early bird registration) 100%
Till September 12th (deadline registration) 80%
With a medical certificate 50%

No reimbursement for merchandising is possible


Not participating in the ETDS, but curious what all the fuss is about? You are welcome to come by and watch the competitions or join the party in the evening. There will be a limited amount of visitor tickets. One week prior to the ETDS you will be able to pre-book visitor tickets, or you can buy them at the door.
Food, drinks and a sleeping spot are not included in the price.

Reserve you tickets here!

Visitor ticket to watch the tournament (9.00 – 18.00):  €5,-
Visitor ticket for the party (21.00 – end of party): €5,-
Day ticket: €10,-