Order *extra* merchandise

Ordering *extra* merchandise
Hello there! You can order *extra* merchandise here, in case you:
– You have ordered some merchandise via your Teamcaptain, but want to order something else or more.
– You have not ordered some merchandise via your Teamcaptian, but want to order something now.

Find previews of the items here

Please do not order any merchandise which was already communicated through your Teamcaptain. These orders were already (financially) processed.

Order deadline: 12th of September

Please note that we save the right to cancel any order when the total number of orders is not high enough. Any transfered money will be fully refunded afterwards.

Order confirmation
After you submitted the form below, we will receive your order. Please transfer the money to our bank account (see below). We will sent an order confirmation (manually) to everyone who has submitted an order ánd transfered the money to our bank account.

Please note that an international bank transfer *may* take a few days ánd we do not always check our bank account on a daily basis. Therefore the confirmation of your order might take a few days after you have transfered the money.

Please contact us via the contact form if (you think) something went wrong with your order or the confirmation is just not coming after those few days.

Payment information
Account number: NL54 INGB 0007 3137 21
Account holder: Stichting Dansende Studenten

Transfer description: <Your name> – <payment description>

‘Payment description’ consists of the following items:

Shirts S € 10
Towels T € 12
Mugs M € 6
Powerbanks P € 10

Example: Bob Stirling orders a shirt, 1 towel and 4 mugs:
Bob Stirling – 1S 1T 4M