Reminder: payment deadline

A friendly reminder for all you lucky people who are already registered for the 56th ETDS in Utrecht: the payment deadline for the early-bird-fee is on the 30th of June.
This means that the payment (by your teamcaptain!) has to be received by us at the 30th of June. So make your team captain (and yourself) happy and transfer the fee to your team captain right now!

Oh no, I forgot to transfer the money (in time)? What to do?
Such a shame! But no worries, you can still participate in the ETDS! :)

After the deadline of the 30th of June has passed you will be rated the non-early-bird fee, BUT you have another two weeks to transfer this fee (i.e. before the 14th of July)! You wouldn’t want to miss the ETDS now do you?

Oh no, I forgot to transfer the money, again! What happens now?
Even though ETDS High School is the most awesome school in the world, you can’t keep being late for class. If you miss the second deadline you will be unregistered from the ETDS :(
So don’t take any chances and be on time!

WANTED: Volunteers! (earn some tanzmaus points!)

We were taken with shock at how quickly the registrations for this ETDS went. Let’s try to keep that spirit within the registrations for the volunteers! It would be really awesome if we can fill all volunteering shifts as quik as the registrations and the waiting list! All details for volunteering can be found under volunteers. Below is a quick summary of the information:

Enlisting as volunteer
On the page mentioned above, there is a contact form which can be used to enlist as a volunteer. It is very easy! Most tasks can be done by anyone and require no special knowledge or skills. Please check the task descriptions for information, it gives you an idea of what the task is all about. Where applicable, a preferred shift time is mentioned, but in general all shifts are per hour.

Tanzmaus points
Yes! The infamous tanzmaus! This edition of the ETDS points can not only be earned by dancing, but also through other ways. One of which is volunteering. Points are earned based on the average number of volunteering hours per team member. As such, having just one or two very active volunteers in a big team may not be enough. We hope you can make it a team effort! The team with the largest average number of volunteering hours per team member will be awarded 100% of the points. The teams after will receive a factor of this directly in relation to their average number of volunteering hours per team member. Simply said: it does not matter how big your team is, each team has an equal chance of getting the points!

If every participant in every team helps an equal amount, all teams can get 100% of the points. If your team, on average, does twice as much, the other teams will only get 50% of the points. Will you be that team that stands out??? These points are a quick catch and can give you an advantage before you even start the ETDS. So get your game on, start your own pep-rally and get volunteering!

Registrations closed!!! (for now)

WOOOOOOOOOW! Just WOW! In just under 48 hours, a net ETDS record, all 550 places have been taken! (or rather 551/550 because two people registered at exactly the same time) For those of you lucky enough to have registered: congratulations, you have secured a place at the 56th ETDS in Utrecht. For those who haven’t, please stay in close contact with your teamcaptain and check our site regularly. In the following days/weeks we will be looking at the following:

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Registration opened!

Almost a week since the amazing ETDS in Berlin, but the registration for the ETDS in Utrecht has already opened! Please contact your Teamcaptain if would like to create some lovely memories on the ETDS High School! Your teamcaptain will complete your registration to the ETDS High School.

Please be aware that we only accept 550 registrations to the ETDS High School at this moment. Do not hesitate and register quickly!

We hope to see you all (well, at least 550 of you!) during the weekend of 14-17 October this fall!

Promo video ETDS Utrecht 2016

For all of you who had to miss this amazing glamorous weekend in Berlin: here is our theme-presentation video for the next ETDS in Utrecht! Hope to see you all there!

We just got home after a few lovely after-ETDS days exploring Berlin and having lots of fun. So now a bit of unpacking, a few hours of sleep, and then we will provide you with all the information you need before registration opens :)

Geplaatst door ETDS Utrecht 2016 op woensdag 18 mei 2016


During the weekend of 14-17 Oktober this year (2016) the 56th ETDS will take place in Utrecht! Mark the dates on your calendar, because we wouldn’t want to miss you!

We are looking forward to the 56th ETDS and we hope you are too! More information will follow.