Below you can find the classes in which you can compete during this ETDS and under which conditions. You are allowed to dance in a different class for Ballroom and latin.

As organization we believe in the honesty of all dancers and their Teamcaptains and have the confidence that everyone will try to comply with the conditions set for each class to the best of their ability. Even though the ETDS is a tournament, the main motivation should be having fun.

Within this ETDS, there will be three main classes

There will be no CloseD class.

In which class do I dance?

Please have a look at the schema below to determine the class in which you can dance. Please also check the individual classes for more details. You are allowed to dance in a different class for ballroom and latin.

Some competition dancers are blinddate mandatory. Please check the blinddate rules.

Note: the highest class you dance in must be applied. For instance, if you dance German formation in the 2. Bundesliga, but normal German competitions in the D-Klasse then you must dance in the open-class.


Competing in multiple classes

Dancing in multiple classes is only allowed when there are not enough participants in a class. If this is the case, the organisation will announce this shortly in advance to/during the ETDS in which classes we need more dancers.

If this is the case, the following conditions apply:
– Dancers can only compete in a class one higher than their own.
– Ladies may compete as leader in their own class or in one class lower.

Example 1 (Good!):
In the Breitensport more ladies than gentlemen had subscribed, therefore some ladies could not find a partner. The organisation will ask a gentlemen from the beginners-class to ‘help’ the lady in the Breitensport.

Example 2 (Good!):
Many gentlemen have subscribed for the Open class, but not so many ladies. The organisation will ask a lady of the Breitensport class to ‘help’ the gentleman in the Open class.

Example 3 (Wrong…):
A lady in the Breitensport class also would like to compete in the Open, but there are already too many ladies in the Open. This lady from the Breitensport class is not allowed to compete in the Open class and allow the ‘real’ Open class lady to find her gentleman.

Beginners class

The ETDS is about fun and making new dancers enthusiastic about dancing/tournaments. We emphasize these thoughts by introducing this new class for dancers with less than 1 year of dancing experience. We are offering new dancers the opportunity to dance in their own class. Both the gentleman and lady should comply with either of the following requirements:
– started dancing no earlier than 1 september 2015 OR
– has less than 1 year of dancing experience

We assume the Teamcaptains will monitor that the dancers in the beginners-class strictly meet the above requirements. It is not mandatory to dance in the beginners-class when you meet these requirements; they may dance in the Breitensport instead. However, you cannot compete in both competitions.

Of course it is also possible to blinddate in the beginners-class to find your partner for the ETDS.

N.B. On the Team Captain info sheet handed out in Berlin, it stated that an additional rule was that no prior competition experience was allowed. This rule has been revoked. Only the above rules are in effect.


Dancers with more than 1 year of experience should participate in the Breitensport. The Breitensport is split into 3/4 classes:
– Amateurs
– Professionals
– Masters
– Champions (* Depends on the number of participants )

Qualification rounds at the start of Saturday and Sunday will determine in which of these classes you will dance. It is possible to dance in a different class for Ballroom and Latin.

You cannot compete in the Breitensport (and thus must compete in the Open), if you meet either of the following requirements:

  • you have reached the finals of the highest Breitensport class, at least 3 times during the last 5 ETDS tournaments. If a CloseD class was present at the ETDS, its final is also considered.
  • you compete outside the ETDS in a class which is open class mandatory. Please check the open mandatory classes and the blinddate rules.


An exciting competition of the best dancers within the student dancing society. (Competition) dancers of a certain level must compete in the open class (see the general rules).

All Open class dancers must find a blinddate partner. See also the blinddate rules.

Note that the level for the open class is regarded per discipline. As such having to dance open in a one discipline still allows you to dance breitensport for the other discipline if your level allows you to. As an open dancer for one discipline you may, however, choose to dance both disciplines in the open class. Example: You have danced A class ballroom, but never a single latin competition in your life. You have two options:

– Dance open ballroom and breitensport latin, both on Sunday
– Dance open ballroom and open latin

We do however encourage you to dance in the proper class.