Competition dress code

We ask all team captains to take care that their dancers are dressed decently. We hold the right to ask any couple to change clothes for their next round. Please pay attention to the following rules:

  • It is not allowed to dance in professional dance clothes (e.g. tailcoat, dance suit, latin shirt for competitions or tailored dance dress)
  • No excessive glitter, feathers, rhinestones on clothing allowed
  • No rhinestone accessories used in professional dancing are allowed
  • Clothing must cover buttocks and breasts, also whilst dancing
  • Waistcoats are allowed
  • Latin and Ballroom trousers are allowed
  • Button-down shirts made for dancing are allowed

Please wear dance shoes. Outdoor shoes and shoes with rubber sole are strictly forbidden on the dance floor.

Do not use paraffin or oil under your shoes. We will provide scratching boards and wet towels in case the floor is slippery. No other tools may be allowed. If this usage is spotted, you may be charged for the repair of the damaged floor parts.