As a team you can compete for the Tanzmaus if your team consists of at least 5 Breitensport (or lower) dancers.

If your team does not meet the above requirements you can compete with another team for the Tanzmaus under the following conditions:

  • A grouped team cannot be larger than the largest nongrouped team
  • A grouped team must register before Saturday 15th of October 2016 (deadline: Friday 14th of October 23:59)

The number of points for a team is determined as follows:

  • Only Breitensport (and lower) results will be taken into account
  • All dancers will gain 1 point for each couple beaten within their class
    • Blinddate dancers (from different Universities) will gain an additional bonus of 25%.
  • Dancers of the Professionals, Masters and Champions classes will gain 20 points for each class that is lower than the class they have been starting.

Additional points can be earned by:

  • Presenting a creative team presentation yell, high school style
  • Helping the ETDS High School as a volunteer
  • Do some awesome theme specific things (watch our website and FB-page closely)

The winning team is determined as follows:

  • The score of a team is determined as the number of points for a team divided by the number of Breitensport (and lower) dancers.
  • Additional points are added to this score.
  • The team with the highest score wins the Tanzmaus.