Shift overview

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Note: The overview is live and is subject to change.

Why volunteer?

The ETDS would not be possible without volunteers! The ETDS is organized by volunteers (the organization) with the help of volunteers (you!). Will you help to make this ETDS another great success?

Mouse points! By volunteering, you earn your team points for the tanzmaus. The team with the highest average number of volunteering hours per team member will get full points. All teams after that will get a factor of the points depending on their average number of volunteering hours.

Volunteering is easy:  Some tasks take only an hour but help the organization a lot. Just fill in the form below and we will contact you to confirm/discuss your shifts!

Please check the task descriptions for the tasks below and choose your favorite task. In the shift overview you can see the (available) shift of the weekend. In general, no prior knowledge is required for the tasks unless otherwise stated. Upon the start of your shift, you will receive all necessary information.

Start volunteering now!

Please indicate the task and/or time (period) that you would like to volunteer for the 56th ETDS in Utrecht. We will use your preferences to assign you to the best available shift. After sending in this form, we will contact you to:
– confirm the task/time of your shift(s) OR
– discuss the shifts you would like to do

If you are not bound by the task, please indicate multiple preferences for volunteering if possible. This gives us freedom with planning.
If you are still on the waiting list, please put a note in the message below!

Task descriptions

Stand-by tasks
During your shift you are on stand-by, which means you have to either stay in the main tournament hall or be reachable by phone or similar. You are allowed to dance, adjudicate, get lunch, go to the bathroom, etc. Just make sure you can be at the info desk on short notice.

Tournament desk (preferably whole weekend or day)
Aside of the below mentioned tasks, there are a few tasks which require proper knowledge and, preferably, prior experience. If you want to sign up for one of these tasks, please inform us of your previous experience.
– Tournament chairman
– Tournament assistant

As a receptionist, it is your job to welcome our lovely guests and prepare them for our event. You will hand the teamcaptains the necessary items and badges. You will also check badges of anyone that enters during your shift.

Badge checker
You will check the badges of anyone that enters to avoid unwanted visitors entering the tournament hall.

Information desk
The information desk is where people come over if they have questions. These can be participants, team captains, crew and visitors. Your working place is situated next to the tournament stage. It is also your job to process suggestions and complaints about everything on stage, so the people on stage (tournament office, DJ, moderators) can do their jobs without being interrupted.

BAD manager (preferably half a day or longer)
BAD is the judging system developed by Marek Musial used previously in Berlin
The BAD manager is in charge of making sure the judging system stays in working order. This person is required to have knowledge of Linux and phpMyAdmin. Preferably he also has some tournament administration knowledge.

BAD assistant (preferably half a day or longer)
The BAD assistant checks how the judging is put in the system; if the marks of the adjudicators are coming through and if there are no inconsistencies. Fun fact: you can follow the marks given 😉 This shift allows you to watch the dancing during your shift. Heck, you even have to!

Floor manager
During a tournament, couples will enter the dance floor, do their dance and leave the floor afterwards, making way for the next group of couples. The floor manager checks if the right couples are on the floor and in the queue line. 

Music (tournament) (preferably half a day or longer)
You’re in charge of playing the music from the predefined playlists. You make sure that the music is played for the proper time and that there are nice fillers between the proper rounds and during the prize presentations with the proper fading. This shift allows you to watch the dancing during your shift. Heck, you even have to!

Music (evening/night)
You’re in charge keeping the music playing during the evening and/or night. It’s your task to create a great musical atmosphere for all to dance to. You choose the music, keep a balance in the dances and accept any requests. This shift allows you to watch the dancing during your shift. Heck, you even have to!

Maintenance (stand-by)
A technically savvy person. You’re in charge of fixing any technical issues (not computer-related) in case they occur. 

You will set-up breakfast and help the catering service set up lunch and dinner where necessary. Also you will check people’s badges for the various meals.

First-aid (stand-by)
The task name should be self explanatory. For every time-slot we would prefer to have at least one doctor and one first-aid certified helper.

Tournament hall preparation (2-3 hours)
In this job, you will prepare and decorate the tournament hall for the evening event.

Hero (preferably half a day)
You are the hero that fixes all sorts of tiny tasks, but mainly you make sure the other volunteers and adjudicators are provided for. This may or may not include and not be limited to:
– Helping out other shifts
– Bringing food and drinks to other volunteers that have (half) day shifts
– Replacing trashbags/soaps/toilet paper/etc
– Sweeping the dance floor
– Finding people
– etc
Basically just being Remy’s (chairman and volunteer manager) helping hand :-) however, it requires taking initiative, finding things to do when we don’t instruct you.

Sleeping hall guard
The sleeping hall is in the same building as the tournament hall, but during the night we would like to have guards to keep order where necessary.

Setup/removal (before/after the ETDS for the entire shift)
You will help in the (de-)construction of the halls. Tasks include (de-)constructing the floor, outlining the sleeping hall, setting tables, placing signs, etc.

Backup (stand-by)
Don’t really feel like taking a shift or unsure yet, but you’d like to help? Sign up as a backup! In case someone is ill, you will replace their shift. Also if some tasks are busier than expected, you may be added to a team where necessary.